Return-To-Work Incentive Program

The science is clear: Returning workers to their work environment as soon as practical improves physical and mental health outcomes. Reconnecting injured workers with their colleagues and network improves healing. Conversely, half of workers who have not returned after 12 weeks will never return to work.

Temporary modified (“Light Duty”) assignments are a crucial support for recovery.

  •  “Light Duty” assignments provide a path to healing and offer increased financial supports to workers.
  • The data shows that Light Duty work reduces time loss and medical bills.

The PSWCT Return-to-Work Incentive Program reimburses up to 50% of the base wage for workers brought back on modified or transitional duties within the scope of their physician’s recommendation and with appropriate documentation.

OverviewMember EligibilityClaim EligibilityAbout the IncentivePreparing To ReturnJob Offer LettersDocumenting Reimbursable HoursSubmitting for ReimbursementSupervisor's Resources

Eligibility is continuously assessed and reported in the RTW section of the Member District’s Origami Dashboard. If a member wishes to bring a worker back in a modified/light duty capacity, and the claim does not appear on the eligibility list, their assigned RTW Manager can assist in assessing the claim eligibility status.

Member Districts must be the employer of injury:

  • At the time of injury/occupational illness, OR –
  • Whose experience modification rating factor (Mod Factor) is impacted by the claim because they once employed the worker, OR –
  • Was the last employer to employ the worker when the claim was filed, regardless of whether the claim impacts the Member District’s Mod Factor.
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