For Injured Workers

Being Injured on the job is stressful. In addition to your injury, we know you’re concerned about your job, your medical care, and the confusing process of dealing with an unfamiliar system. Our Claims Consultants will work with you to ensure that you understand what to expect, that you’re receiving appropriate care, and that you can get back to work as soon as it is safe and healthy for you to do so. We hope this information will help you in that effort, but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email your claim team.

Information for Injured Workers

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Electronic Payments for Injured Workers

Like most Workers’ Compensation organizations, PSWCT sends compensation checks to workers with qualifying…

PS WCT-UPNov 7, 20235 min read
secure email notification

Secure Messaging

Every email message that is sent or received is sitting in someone’s mailbox.…

PS WCT-UPNov 7, 20233 min read
Nurse triage information card

Nurse Triage Hotline

  Providing injured workers with 24/7 access to medical guidance for injury response.…

PS WCT-UPMay 9, 20202 min read
Unemployed Worker Handbook

Unemployed Worker Handbook

Being without work can be a scary time. Washington’s Employment Security Division provides…

PS WCT-UPSep 16, 20141 min read
Translation Services

Translation Services

Our District staff and injured workers represent a broad array of cultures, backgrounds,…

PS WCT-UPJun 4, 20141 min read
Payment for Lost Wages

Payment for Lost Wages

If you miss work because of your injury and your doctor certifies you…

PS WCT-UPMay 16, 20141 min read
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