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Our Client relations team can assist you in accessing any of these available programs and services.
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Electronic Payments for Injured Workers

Like most Workers’ Compensation organizations, PSWCT sends compensation checks to workers with qualifying…

5 min read
secure email notification

Secure Messaging

Every email message that is sent or received is sitting in someone’s mailbox.…

3 min read
documenting reimbursable hours

Return To Work Incentive

The science is clear: returning workers to their work environment as soon as…

5 min read
Safety Incentive Overview

Workplace Safety Incentive

Our Workplace Safety Incentive subsidizes and encourages district improvements that directly support staff…

4 min read
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Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Your district’s Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the cornerstone for employee safety.  Within…

1 min read
Physical Ability Evaluation Program

Physical Ability Evaluation Program

As a value-added benefit of membership with the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust,…

2 min read
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