Workplace Safety Incentive

Our Workplace Safety Incentive subsidizes and encourages district improvements that directly support staff safety improvements or reduction of workplace injury. While PSWCT/UP values student safety, our organizational mission demands a focus on workplace impact and Workers’ Compensation claim prevention/reduction. As a Workers’ Compensation incentive, this applies directly to staff safety and risk reduction.

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PSWCT/UP allocates up to $50,000 for the annual Workplace Safety Incentive, awarded to projects that seek to eliminate, mitigate, or reduce the risk of employee injury and illness aligned with losses that the district has incurred within the most recent five (5) fiscal years. Grant Applications should include specific details about the project including scope, purpose, desired outcome, benefits, timeline, and cost of the project. Projects will be assessed based on:
• Potential to prevent employee injury and illness.
• Risk-reducing solutions that apply to workers’ compensation.
• Sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
• Use of employee injury and illness data relevant to current losses.

Applications are continuously evaluated and Incentive grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. When Incentive funds have been exhausted, the application window is closed until the next year’s eligibility is announced.


Eligibility is reviewed and established annually. To qualify, Member Districts must:

  1. Actively participate in at least four (4) of PSWCT/UP’s Risk Reduction Programs (Safety Committee, Hearing Conservation, Physical Ability Evaluation, Indoor Air Quality, and Science Lab Safety)
  2. Obtain a score of at least 70% on their most recent Risk Reduction Program review.
  3. Be a member of the Trust for the entire grant application and award process timeline.

Projects must be completed and reimbursement documentation submitted not later than close of business on August 31 of the Incentive Year.

Districts must submit receipts/proof of expenditure with clear explanation of how the expense relates to the proposed project, sufficient to allow PSWCT/UP staff to ascertain that the expense is allowable for the project as approved.

When project walk-through is complete and the project completion is recognized, the project contact will be provided with a direct upload link to submit all documentation. PSWCT/UP strives to assess and reimburse allowed expenses within 30 days of receipt of documentation.

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