Meet Our Team

Workers’ Compensation Trust &
Unemployment Pool Leadership Team

Clairmonte Cappelle
Executive Director

Mary Brannon
Director of Finance

Diana Brown
Technology Director

Tiffanette “Tif” Litt
Executive Assistant

Yzabel Nelson
Director of Client Relations

Claims Management

Workers’ Compensation Claims Inquiries
King County: (425) 917-7638 | Pierce County: (253) 778-7638

Unemployment Claims Inquiries
King County: (425) 917-7613 | Pierce County: (425) 917-7613

Claims Coordinators
Krystalyn Gilman
Senior Claims Coordinator
Paola Armendariz
Alicia Brewer
Ruth Costello
Chelsea Bendickson

Return to Work Managers
Aliza Hauser
Christian Porter

Claims Consultants
Nicole Daley
Senior Claims Consultant
Angela Rogers
Senior Claims Consultant
Andrea Sbal
Jamico Daniels
Clare Gabriel
Melanie Fischer
Michele Helfen
Nikkia McCormick
Beth Onosko
Rosa Valencia

Bradley Jones
Claims Attorney

Leigh Ann Stalker
Unemployment Claims Consultant

Nurse Case Managers
Tina Baker
Alison Colvin

Medical Bill Review

King County: (425) 917-7654
Pierce County: (253) 778-7654

Paige Fobes
Laura Whitney

Bill Review & Compliance Analysts

Member Services

Olivera Dobranic
Member Services Consultant

Matthew Leon
Member Services Consultant

Risk Services

Elizabeth Jakab
Environmental Health Consultant

Steve Lyons
Risk Consultant

Specialty Support

Carrie Angle
Senior Applications Specialist
(Business Intelligence)

Cassandra O’Francia
Applications Specialist
(Business Intelligence)

Yukiyo Schnettler
Accounting Consultant

PSWCT-UP Organization Chart FY22-23
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