WCT Injury Triage Program

At the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust and Unemployment Pool, our mission is to reduce risk, minimize cost, and maximize outcomes for Educational Communities by delivering culturally responsive claims and risk management solutions.

We have partnered with Medcor, a national workers compensation medical management company, to pilot WCT Nurse, our new Workers’ Compensation Injury Triage Program. This service provides pre-claim injury assessment and allows school district employees to have 24/7 access to nurses by phone in the event of an “on-the-job” injury. This approach utilizes patented triage methods that determine the level of care most appropriate for the reported injury. If a referral to a doctor is needed, the nurse will make the appropriate recommendations. The primary benefit to our members is in the delivery of appropriate care for the injured worker.

This three-minute video describes the service and the benefit of an injury triage service. More information about nurse triage programs may be found in this article.

We believe the pre-claim nurse triage program will transform the workers’ compensation services we provide to our school districts and are excited to make this resource available to you as a benefit of membership. For more info about the WCT Nurse program and how it can help your school district, please contact Nancy Nichols, Account Manager.

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