Our Vendor Partners

We use a structured and competitive process to review and select external vendors to provide specialty services in support of our injured workers and member districts. We work collaboratively with our Workers’ Compensation Trust partners to manage the care of injured workers and speed their recovery and return to work, and with our Unemployment Pool partners to manage unemployment claims to support newly-unemployed workers and minimize fraud. 

WCT-UP Partner-Provided Services

a woman using her credit card online using a smartphone

Electronic Payments for Injured Workers

Like most Workers’ Compensation organizations, PSWCT sends compensation checks to workers with qualifying…

PS WCT-UPNov 7, 20235 min read
secure email notification

Secure Messaging

Every email message that is sent or received is sitting in someone’s mailbox.…

PS WCT-UPNov 7, 20233 min read
documenting reimbursable hours

Return To Work Incentive

The science is clear: returning workers to their work environment as soon as…

PS WCT-UPOct 13, 20235 min read
Safety Incentive Overview

Workplace Safety Incentive

Our Workplace Safety Incentive subsidizes and encourages district improvements that directly support staff…

PS WCT-UPSep 6, 20234 min read
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