Electronic Payments for Injured Workers

Like most Workers’ Compensation organizations, PSWCT sends compensation checks to workers with qualifying injuries. But we recognize that paper checks are extra work to deal with in an increasingly electronic society. To facilitate prompt payment and reduce the burden on injured workers, PSWCT offers an electronic payment option. Injured workers who are eligible for compensation payments can opt-in to have funds sent directly to their bank account or any destination that has an AHC routing and account number.

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1. eMail your claim management team to request a signup form; they’ll send one back via secure email.
2. Download and complete the form.
3. Open your secure message and reply online, attaching your completed ACH form. This uploads your form directly to our secure server, minimizing risk to your sensitive banking information.

If you don’t have easy access to the electronic tools needed to do so, you can download a copy of the form here, and return it to our offices in person or via postal mail.

Download the Form

This form can also be used to notify PSWCT of any changes to your financial information.

You must notify PSWCT Finance department of any changes to your financial institution, bank account, or payment method (ACH vs. paper check). Failure to do so will result in delayed payments.

Electronic transfers are safer than paper checks. Funds are transferred directly from our bank to yours, with no opportunity to be lost in the mail, intercepted, or stolen.

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) regulates the ACH network, a nationwide payment and collection system which reaches all U.S. bank and credit union accounts. It sets standards and requirements for payment transfers, providing confidence to the sending and receiving parties that funds will be accurately and securely delivered on time.

Why should injured workers choose ACH payment method for their claim payments?
Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments provide an alternative to paper checks, affording injured workers the following advantages:
• Convenience
• Accelerated funds availability.
• Secure delivery (no more lost or stolen checks).
Will all of my payments be ACH’s? What if I want a check?

If you select ACH as your preferred method of payment, all future payments from PSWCT-UP will be electronically paid to your financial institution based on your ACH enrollment instructions. To cancel your ACH electronic payment authorization, contact PSWCT-UP’s Finance Department for the ACH Deposit Enrollment Form, complete the cancellation section, and return the form using one of the methods provided at the top of the form (mail, fax, or postal mail).

What should I do if I change account numbers or financial institutions?

If you want to change your ACH electronic deposit authorization, please complete the Authorization for ACH Deposit Enrollment Form; check the appropriate box for Financial Institution or Account Change, and return the form using one of the methods provided at the top of the form (mail, fax, or postal mail).

How long does the ACH enrollment process take?

Once the Authorization for ACH Deposit Enrollment Form is received by the Finance Team, please allow 30 days to establish electronic funds transfer.

Until successful ACH enrollment is confirmed, you may continue to receive check payments.

How do I find out if an ACH payment has occurred?

Your financial institution’s on-line access to your account information may have this information. Additionally, you will receive a non-negotiable check stub detailing payment information. For any questions, you can always feel free to contact your claims representative.

Who should I contact for any questions, problems, or concerns?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Finance team with any questions or concerns.

Seattle: Click to Dial (425) 917-7654 Tacoma: Click to Dial (253) 778-7654 Click to eMail [email protected]
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