Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Your district’s Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the cornerstone for employee safety.  Within any workplace setting, injuries may occur. Districts should implement an Accident Prevention Program and train employees to reduce the chances of injury for the following reasons:

  • help reduce injuries/accidents
  • identify hazards before they cause accidents
  • ensure employees are properly trained to understand safety rules and proper procedures proper handling of an accident upon occurrence

An Accident Prevention Program (APP) can help reduce the number of accidents within the workplace and lower the experience mod, which ultimately reduces costs to the employer.  For your convenience we have provided an Accident Prevention Program template that was designed specifically for school districts.  This document is customizable and should be reviewed by your employee safety committee to ensure it represents the safety policies of your district.   

Reference WAC 296-800-14005

Questions?  Please contact our Risk Consultants.

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