PSWCT Nurse – The Exclusive Method to Report Work-Related Injuries

Effective September 1, 2023

Most, if not all, of our school district members are aware via multiple communications throughout the school year that we will be transitioning to PSWCT Nurse as the exclusive method to report workplace injuries starting September 01, 2023.  All of our school district members have been oriented to and have utilized PSWCT Nurse for reporting of workplace injuries.  This approach to injury reporting provides additional value for both the injured worker and school district, in that:

  • PSWCT Nurse humanizes the claims experience at the outset of an injury through 24/7 access to medical professionals in multiple languages.
  • PSWCT Nurse empowers injured workers in the direction of their care, including self-care and choice of provider.
  • PSWCT Nurse allows for follow-up opportunity to contact the triage line should concerns arise, including when self-care is not working as intended.
  • PSWCT Nurse will include an abbreviated reporting experience for incident-only events.
  • PSWCT Nurse allows for school districts access to claim and incident-only information on demand via Origami for safety committee purposes.

Since the launch of PSWCT Nurse in 2020, we have transformed the way we manage pre-claim services by empowering injured workers to access an industry-wide, best practice approach to reporting injuries. The most appropriate level of care is facilitated immediately, in 250 languages, through medical professionals, primarily a registered nurse, who provides injured workers and member districts with peace of mind, while ensuring high-quality medical management support at the onset of injury. This culturally responsive approach humanizes the injured worker experience and the way we treat our most valuable asset – school district staff we serve.

As PSWCT Nurse will be the only reporting method for workplace injuries starting September 01, 2023 (online reporting will be redirected to PSWCT Nurse), member districts who need additional support with training of personnel to fully adopt and operationalize this program within their environment may contact Member Services at [email protected]

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