Our Vendor Partners

We use a structured and competitive process to review and select external vendors to provide specialty services in support of our injured workers and member districts. We work collaboratively with our Workers’ Compensation Trust partners to manage the care of injured workers and speed their recovery and return to work, and with our Unemployment Pool partners to manage unemployment claims to support newly-unemployed workers and minimize fraud. 

WCT-UP Partner-Provided Services

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PSWCT Nurse – The Exclusive Method to Report Work-Related Injuries

Effective September 1, 2023 Most, if not all, of our school district members…

PS WCT-UPJul 25, 20232 min read
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Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Your district’s Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the cornerstone for employee safety.  Within…

PS WCT-UPJul 11, 20231 min read
2023 Education and Training Sessions

2023 Education and Training Sessions

Join us for our upcoming training opportunities: January 1/26/2023, 10AM – 12PMStudent Aggression…

PS WCT-UPJun 1, 20233 min read
Employee Safety Health Handbooks Updated for 2023-24

Employee Safety Health Handbooks Updated for 2023-24

The revised Employee Safety & Health Handbook is now available for your new employee…

PS WCT-UPMay 30, 20231 min read
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