A “HIP” Alternative

Hip style vacuums have been around for a while but are not widely used by school district custodians. More common are the “backpack” style vacuums. Backpack style vacuums are a proven efficient, ergonomically designed, and durable vacuum that can reduce injuries and make custodians vacuuming tasks vastly more efficient compared to traditional canister or upright vacuums. The problem is that back pack vacuums are not a good fit for all. Some smaller statured employees or employees with certain injuries may find it difficult to wear back pack vacuums. Sometimes the size and weight of the back pack and its harness system cannot be fully adjusted for individuals of smaller stature.

In walks the “hip” style vacuum. The hip vacuum is a lightweight, compact, and ergonomically shaped alternative vacuum that can maximize operator agility and cleaning ability. Hip style vacuums move the weight of the vacuum to the center of your body away from the upper back and shoulder area.

At 6-8 pounds, the hip vacuum can be worn for extended periods of time without causing fatigue or muscle tension. Its small size and light weight allows the user to be more productive in tight areas, such as cubicles, classrooms, and office spaces. Its padded waist belt includes loops to hold onboard tools keeping them handy when on the go. Some models have even eliminated the need for shoulder straps, making it easier for the operator to bend over to pick up trash, larger debris, and perform other tasks while vacuuming.

Providing your cleaning staff with an alternative style vacuums can reduce their stress and reduce injury.

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