Summer & Fall Training

Training opportunities available during Summer and Fall 2022:


6/2/2022, 10AM – 12PM
Mold in Schools, Part I: Fact vs. Fiction
Presenter: Dr. Pyam Fallah, Ph.D, IDEHL Laboratory


7/14/2022, 10AM – 12PM
Mold in Schools, Part II: Handling Mold Exposure Claims
Presenter: Tim Reeve, Reeve Law Firm


8/4/2022, 10AM – 12PM
Mold in Schools, Part III: Mold and Water Remediation
Presenter: Michelle David, Wood, PLC.


9/1/2022, 10AM – 12PM
Student Aggression Awareness, Part I: Using Emotional Intelligence and Other Methods to Protect Your Classroom
Presenters: Dr. Reginald Reid, ReLife School and Kim Sanders of Ukeru

9/29/2022, 10 – 11AM
Announcing District Safety Dashboards
Presenter: WCT-UP Loss Control Team


10/20/2022, 10AM – 12PM
Student Aggression Awareness, Part II: Trauma Informed Management of Escalated Student Behavior and Self Care Strategies for Educators
Presenter: Tovah Denaro, Innovative Behavior Consulting

10/26/2022, 9AM – 4PM
WA State DOH School Environmental Health and Safety Fall Educational Workshop (In-person/hybrid)
Presenter: Nancy Bernard, WA State DOH

11/3/2022, 10AM – 12PM Postponed
Student Aggression Awareness, Part III: Building Individual Resiliency to Approach Challenging Students with Empathy
Presenter: PSESD Student Support Services

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Recorded sessions available upon request.

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