Risk Reduction Program

The primary mission of the Risk Reduction Program is to provide resources to our district members that helps them reduce loss exposures by participating in programs aimed at reducing exposure to risk and managing those risks in order to reduce the numbers of accidents, incidents, injuries and fatalities.  Annually, we conduct audits on the status of all district members participation in the Trust’s risk reduction program.  Written reports on the findings and recommendations are provided along with corrective actions the district can take to be compliant and mitigate loss.

Here is a list of the risk reductions programs we currently support in reducing exposure to risk:

Safety Committees: An effective employee safety committee can help prevent injury and illness on the job; increased awareness of health and safety issues among workers, supervisors, and managers; and develop strategies to make the work environment safe.  Your district must have a safety committee that meets WAC standards.  The audit focuses on compliance and the overall effectiveness of your district’s safety committee functions.

Hearing Conservation Program (Onsite Audiograms):  As a value-added benefit of membership the Trust offers our district members the opportunity to have their employees with a high risk of noise exposure included in an annual on-site audiogram program.  The audit emphasizes the importance of having all employees with exposures to high noise levels participate in this annual program.

Physical Ability Evaluation Program (PAE): The PAE program is a formal assessment of the functional tasks of the job, which includes a health and occupational history and medical exam for key job positions within the district. This service is provided as a value-added benefit, and we have contracted with a local vendor to provide services at convenient Puget Sound area locations.  The audit addresses the need for districts to include all high injury classifications in the program and compliance with EEOC and ADA regulations.

Return-to-Work (RTW) Incentive Program: Returning injured employees back to meaningful work is the focus of this program.  Trust members are eligible to receive a financial incentive to return their injured employees to work by providing modified or alternate duty work and having an approved program in place.  The audit covers a wide range of facets of an effective and successful RTW program.

Science Lab Safety Program: The science lab safety program focuses on the purchase, storage and use of hazardous chemicals in the classroom environment.  The Science Lab Safety Audit reviews the key elements of the district’s science safety program and recommends corrective actions.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program: We assist our members districts with building a proactive and preventive IAQ program by offering in person consultation services to solve IAQ problems. The audit addresses the main elements of a proactive IAQ program and is based on information from ASHRAE, the EPA, and WA State Department of Health.

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