Risk Management / Loss Control Services

Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust offers a comprehensive Risk Management/Loss Control program to help identify and eliminate potential problems that could result in expensive claims and costly business interruptions.  Controlling workplace accidents and injuries is one of our highest priorities and benefits everyone. Beyond the individual personal losses each accident sustains, there are intangible financial resources that are incurred that introduce inefficiencies into business operations.

Our experienced loss control professionals develop solutions to help our districts reduce specific risks or eliminate them altogether. Some of the loss control services we provide include:

Prevention/Loss Control: Provide loss control services in the field of safety and health to district members to assist them in accident prevention and WISHA standards compliance.

Risk Reduction Program Audits: Conduct annual audits on the status of all district members participation in the Trust’s risk reduction programs (Safety Committee, Hearing Conservation-Onsite Audiograms, Return to Work, Physical Ability Evaluations, Lab Safety, Indoor Air Quality).  Written reports on the findings and recommendations are provided.

Employee Safety Training: Provide training resources including in-person presentations, webinars, and a complimentary online training resource in support of districts meeting their compliance and safety goals.

Safety Compliance Programs: Assist districts in the development and implementation of federal and state mandated safety programs. Monitor OSHA and WISHA for changes in the required programs and work with districts on maintaining up-to-date programs.

Statistical Analysis: Use statistical analysis from claims data to identify the causes that produce the greatest number of injuries. Special emphasis in loss prevention is provided to reduce the losses caused by the greatest risk factors identified.

Worksite Safety Surveys: Conduct courtesy safety surveys of work areas to identify hazardous conditions or violations of safety standards. Loss Control will provide the collected data to the districts and consult with them on corrective actions.

Accident Investigation: Assist districts with on-the-job accident investigation to help them uncover the cause(s) and recommend corrective actions.

Noise Level Surveys/Sound Level Monitoring: Conduct area or personal noise level monitoring for each workstation, machine, or noise source documenting results for exposure controls.  A personal noise level monitor can be worn by an employee during their work shift to measure exposure over a given time period.

Ergonomics: Assist districts in the detection, correction and prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among their employees. Loss Control can provide worksite analysis, consultations, and training to member districts.

Industrial Hygiene Services: Provide technical support, expertise, and training in occupational health and safety related fields such as indoor air quality (IAQ), management of hazardous chemicals, drinking water, and any other exposure related issues. IAQ services include site inspections, monitoring, sampling, education, and written reports on findings and recommendations. Chemical management services include assessment of hazardous chemicals in science laboratories, art and technical education areas, and district operations, assistance with WISHA standards compliance, site specific solutions, and training (Hazard Communication and Laboratory Chemical Hygiene training).

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