Return-to-Work Program

We know that returning injured employees to work in a timely manner improves outcomes both for the employee and the school district. That’s why the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust created a Return-to-Work Program to address the gap between workers being released back to work and districts being able to accommodate light or modified duty restrictions.

Why Return-to-Work?
An effective Return-to-Work Program is the best way to manage claim costs and improve employee recovery after a workplace injury has occurred. Statistics show that injured workers who are off work longer than 6 months only have a 50% chance of ever returning to their job.

Benefits of Return-to-Work
In addition to decreasing costs in time loss payments, medical expenses, and insurance premiums, return-to-work programs provide many benefits:

  • Reduces risk of re-injury
  • Lowers costs in hiring and training of replacements
  • Shows commitment to employees
  • Maintains employer-employee relationship
  • Minimizes loss of productivity
  • Maintains skills of injured workers
  • Retains sense of job security for injured workers
  • Improves injured workers’ sense of well-being

Our Goals
One of our key goals is to bring stakeholders together for the best workforce outcomes. To achieve this goal, we are focusing on our Return-to-Work Interactive Process. This process ensures that all stakeholders are engaged and that all available return-to work options are thoroughly explored at the district level.

Contact Aliza Hauser for additional information.

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