“Magic Carpets” Key to Safety

Do you have a “magic carpet” that whisks staff safely into your building?

Entry mats or walk-off mats that allow you to “walk off” debris and wetness take on added importance during the winter to minimize slips and falls. A well-placed mat of the correct length to absorb moisture is a must for all entry ways.

Make note that high-volume entrances may need a longer mat to be effective. And don’t forget to periodically check dampness to assess the need for extraction to reduce the saturation level and maintain effectiveness. We want your staff to have a safe and welcoming entry into your buildings!

Scenario One

In this scenario, the walk-off mat is too short. Walk-off mats that are not the proper length can be a hazard, as they do not allow enough room for the employee to walk off any residual moisture and dampness from outside. In these cases, the employee may slip and fall, perhaps suffering a serious injury.

Scenario Two

In this scenario, the walk-off mat is the proper length. Walk-off mats should allow employees enough walking space to eliminate moisture from outdoors, and guarantee safe access to district buildings.


If you have questions about whether your district’s walk-off mats are the proper length, please contact our Risk Consultants.

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