King County Voucher Incentive Program

The King County (KC) Hazardous Waste Management program has supported small businesses and schools with the proper management of their hazardous chemicals/wastes and related safety for decades. Their financial incentive (Voucher) program is an excellent opportunity for school districts located in King County to obtain reimbursement for 75% of their expenses up to $599 per year, per building/address!

Typically, the reimbursement is available for chemical waste disposal, protective equipment for employees, or process changes to reduce chemical hazards. However, during 2020, the program started to allow for COVID-19 related protection reimbursement: purchase of personal protection equipment, masks, recommissioning and upgrades of the ventilation systems and their filters, and purchase of air cleaning devices for rooms with insufficient ventilation.

In past years, our members typically used vouchers to offset the costs of laboratory or M&O hazardous chemicals management. Now, with the expansion of the scope, vouchers are no longer limited to these areas. Please take action to either claim the vouchers for your department/area or forward this info to the District COVID Coordinator for their use. Do not let the free money go to waste!

Please contact the WCT Industrial Hygiene Consultant for details and for starting the process:

Elizabeth Jakab, Industrial Hygiene Consultant, PS WCT.


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