Good Cause

A claimant will be allowed benefits if he or she leaves your employment for one of the following reasons.

RCW 50.20.050 – Benefits Allowed if Quit with Good Reason

Washington Law Recognizes 12 Specific Reasons

  • Offered and accepted other work, which then came to an end.
  • Claimant or an immediate family member became disabled or sick.
  • Spouse had to relocate for job.
  • Protection from domestic violence or stalking (self or family).
  • Usual pay decreases by 25%.
  • Usual hours decreases by 25%.
  • Illegal activities at worksite (observed/reported).
  • Worksite changed and made commuting more difficult.
  • Worksite became unsafe (reported).
  • Work changed and now violates religious or sincere moral beliefs.
  • Entered approved apprentice program.
  • Quit part-time job and then lost full-time job (when working two jobs).
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