Shout – Out to Elizabeth Jakab, Our Industrial Hygiene Consultant

Most times teachers are not totally happy about Elizabeth’s IAQ work since they expect miracles, and she can deliver only science-based recommendations. A science teacher she visited in the Tahoma School District with allergy problems when at the school “knew” Elizabeth from joint presentations with the state Department of Health and through Nancy Bernard (of the state Department of Health) mentioning them both in her presentations as doing great work in the region. When Elizabeth introduced herself, this teacher almost fainted, then said that she was honored to meet Elizabeth and was all eyes and ears. Here is the follow up email from the teacher to her district contacts:  

“Thank you for bringing in Elizabeth Jakab this morning.   Her work with Nancy Bernard is great. There was some good conversation with her, and I am looking forward to seeing the change in my room (104) and the experiment that we are going to try to change the air quality in here.”

Elizabeth’s colleagues are usually scientists and industry-oriented and they like her to present since she works with schools. Having her fingers on the pulse of school district challenges with air quality provides the scientific community insight on what it is really like to work successfully with schools. 

So, it was with great pride that PSWCT learned Elizabeth was invited to join doctors, University professors, state officials, and other Certified Industrial Hygienists to present “K-12, Reopening Progress, Health Concerns, IAQ issues” last month.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Seattle – Pacific Northwest section of the Indoor Air Quality Association with the University of Washington Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety sponsored the virtual seminar featuring some of our top local Industrial Hygienists and public health experts to provide information on challenges and solutions to reopening of K-12 schools and higher education.

Elizabeth along with frequent guest speaker, Nancy Bernard of the Washington State Department of Health will present important updates about COVID-19 and our schools during a virtual webinar on June 22. See our calendar page for registration information and join us in congratulating and thanking Elizabeth for the exemplary display of passion of healthy kids and schools.

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