Required Employee Safety Training

The Department of Labor & Industries (WISHA/DOSH) has regulatory oversight for the safety and health of employees.  Districts have a duty to provide a safe work environment and to provide adequate training and protection for employees in the course of their work.  Some of the essential areas that districts need to provide safety training (where applicable) include:

SubjectTraining ForRequired ByFrequency
Accident Prevention Program/Safety Orientation for New EmployeesAll EmployeesWAC 296-800-14005Initial
Arc Welding & CuttingAffected employees/teachersWAC 296-24-68507 WAC 296-307-48001Initial Exposure
Asbestos AwarenessMaintenance/CustodialWAC 296-62-07722Initial/Annual
Asbestos Removal & EncapsulationAsbestos WorkersWAC 296-65Initial/Annual
Blood borne PathogensEmployees exposed to bodily fluidsWAC 296-823Initial/Annual
Chemical Hazard Communication/Worker Right to UnderstandAll new employeesWAC 296-800-17030 & WAC 296-90-14016Initial assignment & change in hazards
CPRWAC 296-800-150Every 2 years
Confined Space EntryMaintenance & Facilities WorkersWAC 296-809Initial/Change in assignment
Electrical SafetyMaintenance & Facilities WorkersWAC 296-45-065WAC 296-803 WAC 296-24-970Prior to exposure
Elevating Work Platforms -Powered PlatformsEmployees using powered platform & lift equipmentWAC 296-155-487 to 489Initial/Annual
Emergency Action Plan (Fire)All Employees new to siteWAC 296-24-567Initial/New site
Emergency Response  (Chemical)All employeesWAC 296-824-300Initial/Annual
Ergonomics296-62-051(Repealed 2003)As Required
Fall Restraint & Fall ArrestAll employees working where there is a fall hazard of 10 feet or moreWAC 296-155-245Initial/Change in hazard or equipment
Fire ExtinguisherAll employees expected to use extinguishersWAC 296-800-30025Initial/Annual
Fire PreventionAll employeesWAC 296-24-567Initial/Change in hazard
First AidWAC 296-800-15005Initial & Every 2 years
Food Service Worker Safety & HygieneFood service workersHealth DepartmentInitial/3 years
Flagger TrainingAll employees assigned to flagging requirements296-155-305-7Initial/3 Year Refresher
Forging EquipmentAll employees using forging equipment296-806-430Initial
Fire sprinkler safetyCustodians / maintenanceNFPA 25Annual/(Under Development as rules are changing)
Grounds/MaintenanceTrenchingWAC 296-155-655Prior to Exposure
Grounds/Maintenance (pesticide applicator) / School GreenhousesPesticide applicatorsWAC 296-307-12040 & WAC 296-307-550Prior to Exposure
Hazardous Chemicals in the LaboratoryTeachers and assistants working in chemistry or biology laboratoriesWAC 296-800-17030 & WAC 296-828Initial assignment & change in hazards
Hazardous Energy (Lockout / Tag out)All employees who work on or maintain equipmentWAC 296-802-600 & WAC 296-803-20005Initial assignment/new equipment
Hearing ConservationEmployees exposed to noise over an 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 dBAWAC 296-817-20020At first exposure/annual
Ladders & StairwaysAll employees using ladders or special access stairwaysWAC 296-876 & WAC 296-155-48060Initial/As needed
Laundry OperationsFor district laundry operationsWAC 296-303Initial/As needed
Lead AwarenessAll affected employees working with lead containing materialsWAC 296-62-07521 & WAC 296-155-176Initial assignment
Lead WorkerEmployees who may be exposed to or above the action level during their work, e.g. paintersWAC 296-62-07521 & WAC 296-155-176Initial/Annual
LoggingAll employees cutting trees296-54-515Initial
LPGAll employees using or filling LPG296-24-475Adequate
Outdoor Heat ExposureCoaches, Grounds Crews and other employees required to work in heat.WAC 296-296-62-09560Initial & Annually
Overhead rigging and cranesTheater staff and coaches with overhead cranes for wrestling mats.WAC 296-24-23529Initial & Annually
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Employees required to wear PPE (gloves, eye/face, head, foot, hearing, etc.) after hazard assessmentWAC 296-800-16025Initial/Change in PPE
Portable Hand ToolsAffected employees/teachersWAC 296-155 – Part G WAC 807Initial Exposure
Powder Operated ToolsAny employee who operates powder actuated toolsWAC 296-807-15005Prior to use
Power LawnmowersLawnmower operatorsWAC 296-807-16015Initial
Power Tools Using Compressed AirPersons using compressed air toolsWAC 296-807-140Initial
Machine SafetyAll employees using power machines, tools example: table saw, lathe, sander, press296-806Initial/Annual
Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts)All operatorsWAC 296-863-400Initial/Every 3 years/Change in equipment
Respiratory ProtectionEmployees required to use respirators to perform workWAC 296-842-160Initial/Annual
Rim Wheel ServiceAll employees changing tires296-24-21705 & 296-307-52029Initial
Roll Over ProtectionAll employees using tractors/PIT’s296-307-08018Initial/Annual
ScaffoldsEmployees installing, positioning or working on scaffoldsWAC 296-874Initial Assignment
TelecommunicationsEmployees working with any communication equipment296-32-230Initial
Window CleaningAll employees using window-cleaning equipmentWAC 296-878-110Initial Assignment

Disclaimer: We have made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of this information and intend for the information to be accurate, beneficial, and informative.  We do not guarantee that this list is “all-inclusive” of the required safety trainings mandated by the Department of Labor and Industries (WISHA/DOSH) and/or any other governing standards, regulations, or requirements.  We will make every effort to revise the list when new requirements are known, but, do not guarantee that the information will always be timely.

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