Industrial Hygiene Services

The Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust established industrial hygiene consulting services to support member districts in the creation and maintenance of healthy educational environments.

Our Industrial Hygiene Consultant provides guidance, technical support, site assessments, and training for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), management of hazardous chemicals, science laboratory safety, and other environmental exposure related issues.

IAQ services include, in general:

• Site Evaluations
• Monitoring
• Sampling
• Education
• Written Reports on Findings and Recommendations

Chemical management services include:

• Assessment of hazardous chemicals in science laboratories, art, and technical education areas, and district operations.
• Assistance with WISHA standards compliance, recommendations for best practices, and site-specific solutions.
• Training (Hazard Communication and Laboratory Chemical Hygiene training).

Contact Industrial Hygiene Consultant, Elizabeth Jakab for information and service requests.

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