Here’s What You’re Saying About Our Services!

Our surveys to PSWCT Trustees, and claims, fiscal, and safety contacts focused on the stakeholder experience targeting three main areas: Pool Administration (November 2018), Claims Management (March 2019), and Risk Management (May 2019).

Satisfaction with staff services rating professionalism, knowledge base, prompt response time, respectful treatment, subject matter understanding, and flexibility in having needs met all rated at 90% to 100%.

Even matters relating to rates (notifications, transparency, methodology, and benchmarking) surpassed industry averages by reaching 94% to 100% approval in WCT service.

With claims management processes, (first contact, reporting process, access to staff, clarity of written communications, and staff familiarity with our claims), only our hours rated below just 100%.

Risk Management responses scored a solid 100% approval rating on ease of access to staff, value of service to the school district, knowledge on loss control and industrial hygiene, and thoroughness in assisting toward resolution of concerns.

Cool ideas surfaced through the survey feedback tool recommending, for instance, expanding our interpretation services and providing more staff training opportunities such as SafeSchools Online Training. And of course, pats on the back to staff are extremely welcome.

Thank you, Trustees and school district contacts for sharing thoughtful insights that will help the WCT serve you better.

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