Return to Work Corner

The RTW Incentive Community continues to grow! We welcome Eatonville School District to the expanding directory of Districts that not only see the benefits of RTW Best Practices but also the financial incentive for doing so. We have 47% of the Trust school district members participating the RTW Incentive Program! There’s still time to participate, so consider how you can make this program work for you. The RTW Incentive Program provides a fiscal incentive to utilize nationally demonstrated best practices in returning injured workers to your work force and rewarding you with a 50%
reimbursement of up to $10k or 90 days of that worker’s salary, whichever comes first.

Best practices work for large and small districts providing clear guidance on returning your injured workers to an
accommodated position and protecting the employer and the worker from misunderstandings. Remote learning over
the last year has reduced claims but has provided an opportunity for districts to be extremely creative in helping their
injured employees return to some kind of work while students were at home or other employees were on furlough.

Learn more about how Trust Members are utilizing this program. Please join a panel of experts at the PSWCT Round Table “RTW: Into the Weeds” on April 29th. Sign up today! Panel members to include Puyallup’s HR RTW Coordinator,
Tracy Kiyabu; Mukilteo’s Risk Management Loss Control Coordinator, Ann Feaster; PSWCT’s Claims Consultant, Arielle Lane; Claims Attorney, Brad Jones; and RTWM, Aliza Hauser)

This month’s BEST use of an INJURED WORKER! Auburn School District was able to utilize injured workers to make phone calls on an as needed basis to families of students to check in on school participation.
This shows that a Return-to-Work plan can support the entire district’s mission while showing employees that they are needed to support their mission – even part time! Well Done!

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