Vector Solutions Online Training

Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust has partnered with Vector Solutions to bring you a library for your Vector Solutions Training site.  These courses, sponsored and provided to your district by PSWCT, were specifically curated to deliver your staff the best options for safety training.  Vector Solutions is a convenient and effective online safety training and tracking system designed specifically for school employees.

The courses can now be found by going to the Admin Area > Courses Tab > PSWCT Course Library. You will follow the same steps to assign these courses in your Training Plan as you do any other course in the Vector Solutions Training Library.

With courses that address environmental, behavioral, health, school safety, human resources, and transportation issues, Vector Solutions provides staff with an easy-to-use learning environment that effectively prepares them to handle school safety issues.

Vector Solutions also effectively provides your district with a compliance management system that tracks, manages, and reports the status of your safety training for all employees.

We can help your district implement this program and recommend training for your staff.

Training Bundles

Group and New Hire Bundles were developed for your convenience to enhance your current Group and New Hire training plans with safety-related trainings that can help your district reduce the risk of workplace injuries and ensure compliance with safety and health regulations.  The trainings are packaged in bundles by classification to make it easy and convenient to set-up your Group and New Hire training plans.

To access the bundles from your website:  Admin Area > Courses Tab > Search Box > Enter “Group” or “New Hire”.

For additional information, please contact your Loss Control Consultants, Steve Lyons and Jessica Guy.

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