Preparing Your Workspace for Summer Break

As the end of a school year approaches, we all look forward to summer break. Use these helpful tips to develop a plan to get your room summer-ready!

Declutter Your Space Without Overloading the Garbage

  • If you have not used it in a few years, please consider disposing/recycling/donating it.
  • Do not overload garbage cans with books and paper. Use a box or place them near your door and coordinate a plan with your custodians so that they can safely remove the items from the room.

Remember Ladder Safety When Reaching Items from Heights

  • NEVER use a chair or desk as a substitute for a step ladder! Take time to get the right ladder for the job.  Please ask for help if you need to reach any items that require a larger ladder.
  • Maintain 3 points of contact when using ladders. DO NOT carry items up or down the ladder. Get help if needed.

Moving Furniture Supplies or Boxes

  • If the item(s) is heavy or awkward, please coordinate with other team members or your custodial staff prior to moving those items.
  • Use mechanical devices to move heavy objects, i.e. hand truck, carts, lifting straps.
  • Prepare your body for lifting. Make sure you are warmed up and ready for the task.
  • Use proper body mechanics. Do not rush. Take time to complete the lift safely.
  • Avoid overreaching for items. Keep them close to your body.
  • Bend at the knees to lift and move your feet. Do not twist at the waist.

Pest Proof Your Workspace

  • Messy and cluttered workspaces attract pests. Keep your workspaces clean and organized.
  •  Remove all food from your space
  • Store as many items in plastic totes to keep them safe
  • Consider removing upholstered furniture in your space as they harbor dust mites, pests, and allergen triggers.
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