PSWCT/UP School Safety Walk-Through

Date(s) - Feb 15, 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


The ultimate goal in School Environmental Health & Safety is to shift in how safety is defined and practiced by all school partners: Safety is not the absence of accidents, incidents or claims, but the existence of a system and structure that supports awareness, personal responsibility, collaboration, mutual care and belonging. In a strong community, everyone should be aware of safety risks and have a commitment to address them.

School leaders can improve school safety and help reduce the risks to staff and students by guiding and training district staff to always look through their “safety glasses.” Periodically conducting safety walk-throughs of buildings and grounds, and reporting and correcting hazardous exposures can prevent health and financial loss.

To support these efforts, PSWCT/ UP has partnered with Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101 to offer an overview of the Safety Walk-Through Basics, provide recommendations, and present the resources and checklists developed for membership use. This training is designed for everyone working in schools and not just the designated Risk or Safety Managers.

Speakers: Steve Lyons, CSRM, ARM, ASP, Risk Consultant, PSWCT/UP; Jerry Page, IH, CIE, Workers’ Compensation Trust, Safety Division, Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101

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