PSWCT/UP Ergonomics 101 & Services Offered by Risk Management

Date(s) - Mar 21, 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Ergonomics is the science of designing the workstation to fit within the capabilities and limitations of the employee. The goal of office ergonomics is to design the office workstation so that it fits the user and allows for a comfortable working environment for maximum productivity and efficiency.

This live webinar, designed and presented by ErgoFit Consulting, targets everyone who works in an office setting or spends considerable time sitting in front of a computer.

The presenter will walk the audience step-by-step through the recommended workstation adjustment process. The instructor will explain in practical terms, verbally and through demonstration, the various ergonomic goals and postures you should be aiming for in your office workstation. This presentation does not recommend the purchase of any specific equipment or furniture, rather focuses instead on you making whatever adjustments you can with the furniture and equipment you have. ErgoFit will also supply some of their “Home Office Tips” for commonly available fixes and improvements.

Speaker: Steve Lyons, ARM, ASP, CSRM, Risk Consultant; Paul Cutting, KIN, Ergonomics and Client Services Manager, Ergonomics Consultant, ErgoFit Consulting

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