Workers’ Compensation COVID Resources

Below are COVID-19 related resources for Workers’ Compensation programs. Should you have questions or need clarification, please contact the Trust.

NCCI:  COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation FAQs

L&I: General L&I Coronovirus Resources

King County COVID Resource Guide

Worker Hour Reporting Period Ends the Last Day of Each Month for Workers Compensation:

Contributions are due and payable to Puget Sound ESD monthly, within ten (ten) working days of your normal pay date.

During a time when staffing and payroll management are dynamically changing, we offer the following guidance when reporting numbers.

  • All wages should be reported:
    • If the employee receives wages and is working (from home or on site) the PAYROLL and HOURS must be reported for the calculation of Premium.
    • If the employee receives wages, but is not working, NO HOURS are reported, but the Payroll for these employees is reported.
  • Staff/Substitutes who are not being paid are not included.