PSWCT-UP Website Has A New Look!

All things evolve with time – and our web site is no exception!  As we have grown over the years, the content and organization of our website has grown with us, and we’ve outgrown a few elements, too! This year, we’re embarking on a project to review and update the hundreds of articles on our web site, to ensure they still provide you with the best information and guidance to minimize risk and maximize worker health and safety.

To prepare for that activity, we’ve started by restructuring our web site to support the improved functionality and service we want to offer our members.  We’ve updated our menus and enhanced our search features to help site visitors more easily locate information, reorganized content to make it easier to browse, and added enhancements designed to make it easier to interact with us, including the ability to live-translate the site to dozens of languages and customize visual elements for sight-impaired visitors.

If you have bookmarked pages on our site, most of those links should still work – however, a few may have changed!  Stop by the site and update your bookmarks – and while you’re there, have a look around.  We’d love to hear your feedback on how well we made those pages easy to find and whether there are other enhancements we may want to add as we work forward with this process.

Contact your Account Manager, Claims Consultant or Claims Coordinator, Loss Control or Industrial Hygiene Consultant, or any other staff member and share what you think!

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