Claims Coordinator Team

Based on a desk review of the Claims Specialist position performed by Human Resources, it was determined that the work and role of the position closely align with the responsibilities associated with WSRMP’s Claims Coordinator position.  For those reasons, the Claims Specialist position was reclassified as Claims Coordinator effective February 1,2021.  This change moved the Claims Specialists from a union to non-union administrative/professional title.

Say Hello to our claims Coordinator Team!

Paola Armendariz – serving the PSWCT/UP since May 2019. She provides support for Ariel Lane (Claims Consultant -TL), Rosa Valencia (Claims Consultant -TL), and Becky McPeters (Claims Consultant -MO).

Ruth Costello – serving the PSWCT/UP since September 2004.  She provides support for Nicole Daley (Claims Consultant -TL), Beth Onosko (Claims Consultant -MO), Aliza Hauser (Return to Work Manager), and Robert Duncan (Director of Claims Administration).

Krystalyn Gilman – serving the PSWCT/UP sinceMarch 2019.  She provides support for Jamico Daniels (Claims Consultant -TL), Nikkia McCormick (Claims Consultant -TL), Michele Helfen (Claims Consultant -MO), and Angela Rogers (Director of Claims Operations).

The Claims Operations team is excited to continue aiding with on-the-job injury claims for our injured workers, our member districts, our staff, and our vendors. A very special thanks to Clairmonte Cappelle, Nikkia McCormick, and Angela Rogers whose support in these efforts made this transition easy and seamless!

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