Hearing Conservation Program (Onsite Audiograms)


The Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust is excited to offer our district members the opportunity to have their employees with a high risk of noise exposure included in an annual on-site audiogram program.

This program began September 15, 2014, and is offered free of charge as a benefit of membership with the Trust.  We have authorized Listen Audiology Services to be your main contact for appointment setting and questions. Testing protocols are as follows:

  • Testing is limited to the employee classifications listed below, which are known to be exposed to a time weighted average (TWA) greater than 85 decibels in an 8-hour work day.
  • Allow a 2-hour testing window per on-site appointment to test up to 19 employees. Large school districts may need additional time to test additional employees.
  • Once you have made an appointment, make a valiant effort to invite all classifications listed below.

Testing Classifications (please make sure all of the following classifications are invited when you make the appointment):

  • Maintenance & Operations – Grounds Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, and “All Trades” Maintenance
  • Transportation Maintenance – Bus Mechanics
  • Music Instructors – Music, Band, and Choir
  • Vocational Education Instructors – Wood Shop, Metal Shop, and Automotive Technology

Occupational hearing loss is preventable and we are committed to preserving and protecting employee hearing. You will find that this program encourages and motivates your employees to protect their hearing through education and understanding.

We can perform noise level surveys for any work group with high noise exposures to determine if they should be included in your hearing conservation program.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact our Risk Consultants.

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