Miss A Webinar from the 20-21 Fiscal Year?

Contact Account Manager Heidi Palmer for links to these recordings:

7/16/20:              Reopening Our Schools During COVID-19

8/10/20:              Physical Ability Evaluation Program

8/20/20:              Re-opening Schools During COVID-19: Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Ventilation

9/24/20:              Workers’ Compensation 101

10/8/20:              Chemical Storage/Hazardous Waste Disposal

11/12/21:            Return to Work: Tales from the Trust

1/2/21:                Unemployment Updates

1/21/22:              Understanding Time Loss

2/16/21:              Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls

3/9/21:                Origami Tips & Tricks

4/15/21:              Nurse Triage

4/29/21:              Return to Work: Into the Weeds

5/13/21: Reasonable Assurance

6/22/21:              Updates & Return to School

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