Incident Investigations on 12/14: Finding and Eliminating Root Causes!

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Incidents don’t just happen. They’re caused by something, and it’s usually more than just one thing. An investigation should identify those causes, but the cause of an incident isn’t the same as the cause of an injury. Injuries may be caused by overexertion, a fall or being struck by an object. Factors that cause an incident, however, are more complex. For example, a wet floor may cause a fall, but determining why the floor was wet and why the hazard wasn’t addressed gets at the root causes.

An incident or near-miss investigation shouldn’t stop when an obvious cause is found; it should continue until all underlying factors are identified. If those root causes aren’t identified and addressed, they’ll continue to generate incidents. Effectively addressing the root causes should help prevent recurrence, which translates to fewer injuries. This webinar will include a live Q&A session.

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