Heat Stress & Hydration Information

The National Weather Service recently issued an Excessive Heat Watch for much of Western Washington starting this afternoon of Friday, June 24th through evening of Monday, June 28th


Confusion, slurred speech, or unconsciousness are signs of heat stroke. 
If someone is experiencing symptoms, they should report it immediately,
get out of the sun, cool down, and if severe, call 911. 
Heat related illnesses are very serious and can result in death.

As they have outlined in their alert, our unusually hot weather will significantly increase the potential for heat related illnesses, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities

We encourage staff members who are working outside to stay hydrated, use sunscreen as appropriate, find shady areas to take breaks, stay alert and be aware of heat related illnesses.

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Members may access this Heat Illness Prevention training provided through Vector Solutions.

Below you will find additional resources for your review to assist your preparation for this record-breaking heat that will affect our region starting tomorrow.

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