Providing Culturally Responsive Services

As we are guided by our Pathway to Change to provide culturally responsive services, we are being informed by data gained from member districts and our own surveys to respond appropriately to the needs of school districts with diverse bodies of staff and students.

One component of this approach is translating significant, widely used and/or high-priority documents into languages that are most frequently spoken by employees of our member districts.

For the 2019-20 school year, a translation priority was the “Employee Safety and Health Handbook” that is offered by the Trust to familiarize newly hired employees with their District’s Accident Prevention Program (APP). The APP is mandated by Washington state law and is designed to help school districts establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. The elements of this program cover a broad range of areas, all designed to prevent accidents and injuries. The real impact of the program comes from using it holistically, as an integrated safety approach that informs all activities within member school districts.

Since employees are required to know and comply with safety rules and procedures, it is of great importance that they understand the contents of the “Employee Safety and Health Handbook”.

In collaboration with our partner, Language Link, the Handbook was translated into the top seven most frequently used languages and can be found on the website.

During the 2020-21 school year, we turned our focus to assisting our Early Learning/ECAP program that serves approximately five thousand children ages 0-5 in the Puget Sound region.

The Trust developed the “Environmental Health Guidance for Early Learning/ECAP Programs at PSESD” checklist to create environmental safety awareness and provide guidance to programs to facilitate a safe and healthy operational environment. In collaboration with Early Learning/ECAP leadership, this resource was translated into Spanish to further strengthen understanding of our guidance to the Spanish-speaking community.

We will keep you informed as new translation projects emerge.

Contact Elizabeth Jakab, PSWCT Industrial Hygienist, or your Loss Control Consultant, Steve Lyons or Jessica Guy with any questions.