Crisis Protection Benefit

PSWCT’s excess workers’ compensation carrier, Safety National, offers a complimentary crisis management and extraction benefit called SAFETY NATIONAL CRISIS PROTECTION® for its Excess, Large Deductible and Select Guaranteed Cost Workers’ Compensation customers.  

If a qualifying “Domestic Crisis Event” or “International Extraction Crisis Event” occurs, Safety National Crisis Protection will help minimize post-crisis risk to the organization, its stakeholders and employees directly involved in the event (including immediate family of the involved employee). The annual, aggregate limit for these complimentary benefits, or any combination of the two, is $50,000. These benefits are accessible when you need them and are provided by Safety National at no charge to member districts.

If a policyholder undergoes a qualifying “Domestic Crisis Event” that directly involves their business and involves the death of two or more employees, Safety National will either pay one of their approved vendors to assist with crisis management or reimburse them directly for the approved costs incurred with a vendor of their choice.

If a policyholder experiences a qualifying “International Extraction Crisis Event” that requires international employee extraction, we will reimburse them directly for the approved costs.

Additional benefits include:

  • A 24-hour crisis hotline to preferred and approved “Domestic Crisis Event” vendors.
  • Benefit extends to immediate family of an employee that is directly involved in the “Domestic Crisis Event.”
  • The benefit can be used for qualified “Domestic Crisis Events” to help with: Crisis Management
  • Crisis Response
  • Public Relations
  • Emergency Psychological Treatment
  • Crisis communication and media management
  • Short-term counseling and referral for directly involved employees and their immediate family.

A full description of the benefit is available can be found here including how it works, how to access services and report a claim. It also includes a printable brochure and benefit notice.

Need Access to Services Following a Domestic Crisis Event?
Contact Account Manager, Nancy Nichols.

***Safety National Crisis Protection is a complimentary benefit for Safety National’s excess and large deductible workers’ compensation customers only and is NOT an insurance coverage or policy of any type.

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